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1883 Design Old West Floral Jacquard Gamblers Sleeve Garters

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Here is a fantastic pair of our Popular 1883 Design Floral Jacquard Elastic Arm Garters made by Scully Wah Maker / Rangewear. We offer these elastic Floral Jacquard  Arm Garters sold only in pairs. Scully Rangewear has been a reliable Brand for many years with a proven history of producing superior products at affordable prices with these Floral Jacquard Arm Garters Made in usa.

A sleeve garter is a garter worn on the sleeve of a shirt. It came into wide use in the latter half of the 19th century when men's ready made shirts came in a single (extra long) sleeve length. Sleeve garters allowed men to customize sleeve lengths and keep their cuffs from becoming soiled while working.

While a century ago this item of clothing was once something a man may have worn regardless of profession (with the possible exception of the wealthy or those too well-dressed to wear non-tailored shirts), today sleeve garters are usually seen in relation to one of the following contexts:

In the Old West the sleeve garter is often seen in modern depictions of the Old West, not only on musicians and Gamblers but on the stereotypical well-dressed Gunslingers. In this case, the suggestion may be that the sleeve garter facilitates freedom of movement and aids in gunslingers' ability to quick draw.

Scully Wah Maker and Rangewear Product Lines are Synonomous with Quality and Period Authenticity throughout their 19th Century Clothing Lines. Wah Maker and Rangewear Products are also recognized as the standard in Theatrical & Movie Costuming also Old West Shooting and Re-enacting Groups.

  • Model: 584844G
  • Manufactured by: Scully Leather & Western Wear

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