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Blank & Non Firing Replica Guns

Old Trading Post, Inc., offers complete Collections of Classic Firearms in Blank Firing and Non Firing Pistol / Rifle Replicas ranging through all eras of Firearms. Old Trading Post is your source for Historic Reproductions, Military Collectibles and Replica Guns, featuring hundreds of Old West, Civil War, Colonial, Pirate, Medieval, and World War II Gifts and Collectibles. We offer the finest Blank Firing and Non Firing Pistol / Rifle Replicas produced by Denix, Kimar, Umarex, Voltran and many others. Since 2004 Old Trading Post, Inc.. has been providing collectors, history buffs, movie producers and re-enactors with historically significant, high quality replica firearms. We are proud to be one of the largest Suppliers of Denix Replicas on the internet, we offer a selection of over 250 Denix products ranging from historical periods, including the Old West, Civil War, WWII, Colonial, Pirate, Medieval and the Modern eras.

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