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OldTradingPost.com is Proud to offer Outback Trading Company Leather, Australian Wool and Oilskin Hats, also Rockmount Ranch Wear Wool, Felt, Leather, Suede, Raffia Straw and Palm Leaf Western Hats . Made from the finest materials Outback Trading Co.’s Leather collection gives you the vintage rough look of the west. This collection embodies a range of colors, styles and perfectly coordinated bands. From the sleek classic look to the rugged cowboy if you are in the market for western leather hats that will last a lifetime look no further! Outback's Oilskin hats are the perfect addition to our range of core oilskin jackets and vests. Made in a diverse range of colors and styles we are sure there is something to protect every head from Mother Nature’s harsh elements. Many hats include features, such as, chin cords, hidden security pockets and shape-able brims. Rockmount Ranch Wear makes a full line of Western Hats made of Wool, Crush-able Felt, Raffia Straw, Palm Leaf, Suede and Leather. These hats are hand shaped helping to achieve the finest quality Western Hats available. Rockmount Shirts, Hats, Outerwear and more are made with the following in mind "The West is not a place, it's a state of mind" — Papa Jack creator of the Rockmount Ranch Wear Company in 1946.
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