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High Ride Gun Belt (Natural Floral / 36 Waist / .38-.357 Caliber)

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Our Southwestern 3" Wide Medium Weight Leather High Rider Ranger Style Cartridge Gun belt is made from two 1/8" Leather pieces to form a heavy 1/4" thick Leather Belt.  The inside of this  Southwestern 3" Wide Medium Weight Leather High Rider Ranger Style Cartridge Gun Belt is leather lined which reduces belt slippage around the waist and adds durability and rigidity to the belt.

This belts are patterned according to the Western Old West Ranger Style Cartridge Gun Belts and this was a favorite at the turn of the 19th to 20th Centuries and eventually it was this style of Gun Belt that evolved into the Drop Loop Cartridge Gun Belts we came to know from the Hollywood Westerns and Television.

Our Old Trading Post Southwestern 3 inch wide leather High Rider Cartridge Gun belt comes with a minimum of 14 cartridge loops or more depending on ammunition caliber and belt waist size. 

Product Highlights:

36" Waist to the center hole on the billet strap
33" to the smallest hole setting on the billet strap
39" to the largest hole setting on the billet strap


Leather Texture:
Western Floral Tooled

Ammunition Loops:
18 Ammo Loops .38-.357 Caliber center back

Belt Lining:

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  • Model: SRC120CGB-OV6
  • Manufactured by: Southwestern Imports

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