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1844 Design Victorian Silk Puff Tie with Adjustable Neckband

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Our Scully Range Wear 1844 Design Silf Puff Neck Tie is also known as a Four in Hand Neck Tie. These very Popular Old West 1844 Silk Puff Ties come Pre-Tied with an adjustable neckband strap to fit a wide range of neck sizes and these Silk Puff  Ties require dry cleaning only.

Victorian Mens Neck Tie Fashion History

During the 1840s the shirts were made of linen or cotton with low collars, occasionally turned down, and were worn with wide Cravats or neck ties.

During the1850s, men started wearing shirts with high upstanding or turnover collars and Four in Hand Neck Ties tied in a bow, or tied in a knot with the pointed ends sticking out like "wings".

In the 1860s, men started wearing wider neckties that were tied in a bow or looped into a loose knot and fastened with a stickpin.

During the 1870s, three-piece suits grew in popularity along with patterned fabrics for shirts. Neckties were the four-in-hand and, later, the Ascot Ties. A narrow ribbon tie was an alternative for tropical climates, especially in the Americas.

Scully Wah Maker and Rangewear Product Lines are Synonomous with Quality and Period Authenticity throughout their 19th Century Clothing Lines. Wah Maker and Rangewear Products are also recognized as the standard in Theatrical & Movie Costuming also Old West Shooting and Re-enacting Groups.

  • Model: RW064
  • Manufactured by: Scully Leather & Western Wear

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