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1 1/2" Tooled Tabs Diamond Embroidery Inlay Belt

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This 1 1/2" Leather Belt has with a Diamond southwestern embroidered inlay that runs the length of the belt strap.

The Buckle and Billet tabs are floral tooled leather the tabs cover the area above your pant pockets, from front right hip to front left hip when the belt is worn.

To finish this stylish inlay leather belt is a removable antique silver finish buckle with engraving.

At 1 1/2" this belt is rigid enough to carry any belt worn accessories or items you may want to carry. This belt comes standard with a matching leather belt strap keeper to hold any access strap down after fastening your belt. Available sizes 32-46.


Waist Sizes: 32 - 46
Genuine Leather Tan
Removable Buckle
Pierced Floral Tooled Tabs
Antique Silver Finish Buckle with Engraving
Diamond Southwestern Embroidered Inlay
3D Belt by M&F Western Products
  • Model: D100012708
  • Manufactured by: 3D Belt Company

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