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1896 N Porter Design Arizona Ranger Rifle and Pistol Cartridge Combination Belt

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  This Western Old West Style 1896 N Porter Design Arizona Ranger Rifle and Pistol Cartridge Border Belt #4 is made of heavy, single thickness Premium Grade USA Leather and is designed to carry a combination of Large Rifle Cartridge and your choice of Pistol Cartridges.   Our #4 Border Belts are made to order and depending on the size of the Rifle Cartridges specified and the Pistol Cartridges Specified we will fit the maximum number of Ammunition Loops Possible (the belt pictured has 22 Rifle Cartridge Loops and 44 Pistol Cartridge Loops) Our 1896 N Porter Design Arizona Ranger Combination Rifle Cartridge and Pistol Cartridge Border Belt #4 is made 4 1/2 inches wide and comes with a 1 1/2 inch Billet Strap which is secured by a 1 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Clipped Corner Buckle.  We offer these 1896 N Porter Design Arizona Ranger Rifle and Pistol Cartridge Belt in a wide variety of Hand Carved Western Floral Designs or Leather Stamping options.  These Combination Loop Rifle Cartridge and Pistol Cartridge Belts are made to carry large rifle cartridges also the Double Row of Pistol Loops allows plenty of loops for your side arm Ammunition needs as well. N.Porter Saddlery    1875 - 1881   Newton, Texas  /  Abilene, Texas   1881-1891   /  Phoenix, Arizona    1895 - 1960s In the late 1850s Newton Porter was born in Independence, MO and by the end of the Civil War Newton Porter was left an orphan. He moved to St. Louis, MO where he was raised by an Aunt and in his teens he started learning saddle making by serving an apprenticeship with a St. Louis, MO saddle maker. By 1875, Newton Porter opened his first saddle shop in Taylor, Texas, and the shop was an immediate success, but by 1881, a fire wiped out the shop and Newton Porter closed his business and moved to Abilene, TX where he reopened another shop and continued working in Texas over the next 8 to 10 years. It was in 1895 when Newton Porter moved to Phoenix, AZ where he established the N. Porter Saddle & Harness Company, which became one of the finest Saddleries over the next 70 years. After Porter died in approximately 1906, his oldest son, Earl, took over the operation of the business, and he continued to institute the same business practices of his father until his death in 1925 when the business was taken over by Newton Porters youngest son, Fred Porter. The N. Porter Saddle & Harness Company remained family owned and operated until the closing of the business in the mid 1960s. N.Porter Saddles & Harness Company employed two dozen or more master craftsmen, who tooled and sewed the saddles. Their saddles were world famous for being among the finest made. They also mentored apprentices who often opened their own shops. The design of a swastika or (nohokos) was a Navajo design that was adopted and used by the N. Porter Saddlery & Harness Company, but they eventually went to the Famous Steer Head Logo. NOTE    Many of our western gun leather products are custom made to your exact specifications and may not be available for immediate shipment. Custom made orders may require 8 to 16 weeks before shipping. Please call or email to check for availability if you need your order sooner. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OPTION BOXES REQUIRE A SELECTION BEFORE THE ITEM CAN BE ADDED TO THE SHOPPING CART.  


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