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Ladies / Womens Boar Suede Floar Embroidered Mid Length Coat

Model: OTP-SCL-L189
Retail Price: $305.75

Here we have a Scully Leather Boar Suede Floral EmbroideredMid LengthCoat withBeatuifully Embroidered Floral Patterns which adorn the Front Panels of this fabulous Coat from Waist to Shoulders, and a Floral Pattern Embroidered on each Sleeve Cuff. This Fabulous Womens / Ladies Boar Suede Mid Length Floral EmbroideredCoat has the Front Plackett secured by Two Matching Color Buttons .

The front Shoulder Area of this Jacket offers a WonderfulFloral Embroidery Pattern which runs clear down to the Waist Level andis complimented by the Large EmbroideredFloral Patternwhich adorns each Jacket Sleeve Cuffs. Last but surely not least important is the Beautiful EmbroideredForal Patternwhich covers from Shoulder to Shoulder across the Back of this fabulous Ladies / Womens Boar Suede Mid Length Coat. In closing their is a wonderfully Comfortable and Soft Acetate Lining throughout his wonderful Ladies / Womens Boar SuedeMid Length Coatby Scully Leather which by the way is perfect for a Casual night out or that Dressy Evening Wear.

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for jackets, shoes, shirts, purses, furniture and other items. Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, pig, calf and deer are commonly used. Splits from thick hides of cow and deer are also suede, but, due to the fiber content, they have a shaggy nap.

Because suede does not include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than standard ("full-grain") leather. Its softness, thinness, and pliability make it suitable for clothing and delicate uses; suede was originally used for women's gloves. Suede leather is also popular in upholstery, shoes, bags, and other accessories, and as a lining for other leather products.

The Scully Leather tradition began in 1906 in Napa, California with the manufacture of fine gloves and jackets. Scully's fine Leather Collections are manufactured utilizing the finest leathers available. Each Scully Leather product is hand-crafted with every possible concern for detail and a sincere regard for longevity. The skins used are meticulously selected from "A" grades with special attention to surface character and softness of "hand".

  • Mid Length Coat Design
  • Two Matching Color Button Plackett
  • Comfortable Soft Acetate Fabric Lining
  • Floral Embroidered Back between Shoulders
  • One Large EmbroideredFloral Patternon each Cuff
  • FloralEmbroidered Shoulder Fronts

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