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1964 Man with No Name Spaghetti Western Gun Belt and Holster(s)

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The original Man with no Name Spaghetti Western Gun Belt and Holster Set was an Andy Anderson creation known as the Western Walk & Draw Fast Draw Set from the Hollywood Gunfighter Shop which was owned and operated by Andy Anderson from the early 1960s through the early 1980s. I could go on and on about Andy Anderson and how his inventions and Gun Belt and Holster Sets revolutionized the Western Fast Draw Industry as well as the modern contemporary Fast Draw Industry. The El Paso Saddlery version of the Spaghetti Western Gun Belt and Holster Set has all of the original look and cosmetic details of the Andy Anderson Spaghetti Western Gun Belt and Holster Set also our version is functionally a very close replication without a hip brace. An Andy Anderson patterned replication of a Western Walk and Draw set starts at approximately $500 from various makers around the country and an actual Andy Anderson Set sells for much more than that amount used. This Spaghetti Western Gun Belt and Holster set is made of Premium Grade Heavyweight Skirting Leather with Fancy Stitching over the entire length of the 2 1/4-inch wide leather Gun Belt. Also the fancy stitched Spaghetti Western Gun Belt comes with a smooth leather lining and 24 ammo loops centered on the back of the Gun Belt. The Spaghetti Western Style Holster(s) are made in a Fast Draw Design with a rearward cant as were the originals with a metal lined insert in between the leather holster sheath and the lining of the Holster, this helps to promote a faster draw and helping to maintain the Holster rigidity. Available for Colts, Colt Clones, Ruger Vaqueros, and Blackhawks. Since these belts are custom made at the time of order please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery. FEATURES: PREMIUM GRADE LEATHERS AVAILABLE IN BLACK, BROWN OR RUSSET COLOR SPAGHETTI WESTERN SINGLE LOOP HOLSTER DESIGN LEATHER LINED STEEL REINFORCED HOLSTER FOR ADDED RIGIDITY FANCY STITCHING OVER ENTIRE SPAGHETTI WESTERN GUN BELT STANDARD WAIST SIZES FROM 26 WAIST UP TO 44 WAIST ( LARGER SIZES 46 WAIST UP TO 60 WAIST ADD $35.00) STANDARD AMMO LOOP CALIBERS OFFERED (NO LOOPS, .22 CALIBER, .32 CALIBER, .357 / .38 CALIBER, .41 CALIBER AND .44 / .45 CALIBER) NOTE 1) WHEN ENTERING WAIST SIZE, PLEASE ENTER YOUR ACTUAL PANTS WAIST SIZE AND ALSO YOUR EXACT HIP MEASUREMENT, 2 INCHES BELOW THE BELT (WIDEST PART OF HIP). WE HAVE A FORMULA FOR CALCULATING YOUR PROPER GUN BELT SIZE THAT ALLOWS FOR IDEAL SIDE HANG AND ADJUSTMENTS FOR COMFORTABLE FIT OVER CLOTHING. NOTE 2) MANY OF OUR WESTERN GUN HOLSTERS ARE CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR EXACT SPECIFICATIONS AND MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. CUSTOM MADE ORDERS MAY REQUIRE 8-12 WEEKS BEFORE SHIPPING. PLEASE CALL 888-653-8723 OR EMAIL HELP@OLDTRADINGPOST.COM TO CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY IF YOU NEED YOUR ORDER SOONER. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OPTION BOXES REQUIRE A SELECTION BEFORE THE ITEM CAN BE ADDED TO THE SHOPPING CART. The Dollars Trilogy 1964 - 1966 Clint Eastwood as THE MAN WITH NO NAME: The Dollars Trilogy also known as the Man with No Name Trilogy, is a film series consisting of three Spaghetti Western films directed by Sergio Leone. The films are titled A Fistful of Dollars (1964), For a Few Dollars More (1965) and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966). All 3 Films were distributed by United Artists, the series has become known for establishing the Spaghetti Western genre, and inspiring the creation of many more Spaghetti Western films. The three films are consistently listed among the best rated Western films of all time. Although it was not Leone's intention, the three movies came to be considered a trilogy following the exploits of the same so-called Man with No Name (portrayed by Clint Eastwood, wearing the same clothes and acting with the same mannerisms). The Man with No Name concept was invented by the American distributor United Artists, looking for a strong angle to sell the movies as a trilogy. The Eastwood character does indeed have a name (albeit a nickname) and a different one in each film: #1) Joe #2) Manco and #3) Blondie respectively. Sergio Leone met personally with Andy Anderson prior to the Filming of A Fistful of Dollars and went over all of the gun leather to be used in the movie which Andy would create. The meeting was held at the Andy Anderson Gunfighter Shop in Hollywood, CA. and at the time of the meeting Andy had been working in his shop. When Andy Anderson and Sergio Leone met, Sergio Leone noticed Andy Anderson was wearing a Leather Wrist Brace Andy had Handmade on his wrist and when he asked Andy about the wrist strap Andy explained he had a Shrapnel Injury from World War II which affected his wrist. Sergio Leone liked the look of the Leather Wrist Strap so much that he actually took the wrist strap Andy Anderson was wearing at their meeting and took it to Clint Eastwood to use in the movie. He told Andy Anderson he wanted the one Andy had been wearing because Andy Anderson and Clint Eastwood were of similar build and he wanted the worn look of the used Leather wrist brace.

  • Manufactured by: El Paso Saddlery

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