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Western Cowboy Suede Lined Drop Loop Gun Belt with Single Side Holster

Western Cowboy Suede Lined Drop Loop Gun Belt with Single Side Holster

Model: OTPRL-M28L
Retail Price: Starting at: $225.50

The M28L Drop Loop Western Rig is a cowboy action rig designed in the western style known as "Hollywood" or "Buscadero" The M28L is a drop-loop holster that extends through slots in the belt, and is tucked, giving the M28L Western Rig an old-west look and feel.Cartridge loops on the outside of the 3 1/4" wide holster belt are available in .38/.357 and .44/.45 calibers. Holster belt is made of smooth saddle leather sewn with decorative white outline stitching. Both the buckle and strap anchors have decorative outline stitching also. Tie-downs are included.The M28L Drop Loop Western Rig is available for most single action revolvers 3 1/2" to 7 1/2" in length. Measure your waist size THEN ADD 4" because the final measurement will become the 3rd hole in the 5-hole field of the strap anchor.The M28 Drop-Loop rigs are available as single rig (single holster and belt), double rig (right and left holster, and belt.

Features & Specifications
Western Gun Belt offers heavy duty construction utilizing two pieces of 1/8" thick Leather to form a full 1/4" Finished Gun Belt. Available for Revolvers with up to 10" Gun Barrel Length. Standard waist sizes from 32 inch to 44 inch waist. (46 and above add $35.00) Smaller sizes available by special order.
Note 1
When entering waist size, please enter your actual pants waist size and also your exact hip measurement, 2" below the belt (widest part of hip). We have a formula for calculating your proper gun belt size that allows for ideal side hang and adjustments for comfortable fit over clothing.
Note 2
Many of our western gun holsters are custom made to your exact specifications and may not be available for immediate shipment. Custom made orders may require 2-10 WEEKS before shipping. Please call or email to check for availability if you need your order sooner.

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