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Rams Horn Handgun Revolver Grips

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Rams Horn Handgun Revolver Grips
Rams Horn Handgun Revolver Grips
Rams Horn Handgun Revolver Grips
Rams Horn Handgun Revolver Grips
This item we are offering is a pair of Rams Horn Revolver Grips made from the finest Rams Horn available, with each piece inspected for grain and hardness. These Hand cut Revolver Grips are Handmade by our Master Grip Maker to fit your specific Revolver with greatest attention paid to every detail and we achieve this by starting out with the best materials to apply our craft.

We inspect every horn to insure you will get only the sturdiest and aesthetically beautiful product as can be produced and nothing short of "The Best" is acceptable.. This set of eye catching Rams Horn grips will enhance the look of any pistol you put them on whether you have a automatic or a revolver this set of grips would be a definite improvement to your favorite firearm.

Our Grip Maker has 50+ years experience in making Gun Leather, Grips, Guitars, doing inlays for Grips and Guitars also he excels at Leather Carving, Wood Carving, casting many of his own inlays and I can go on and on. He is a Master Craftsmen that many people know and he has been written about numerous times because of his talents.

We have been selling for our friend for 12 years now because he prefers to simply handle his artwork and not the Computer, Social Media, Marketing and all the business details not related to his artwork. We have always considered ourselves very lucky to have this individual in our fold of Artists which makes www.oldtradingpost.com into the Unique Western Boutique it has evolved into today.

We also offer Inlay's of your choice including personalizing your Inlay. If you choose to have Inlay Services please call or email us for a quote and availability, grips prices vary depending on type of inlay.

  • Manufactured by: WM Custom Saddlery

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