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Cross Draw Driving Holster Brown (Glock 17 / RH)

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Draw Hand

Holster Leather Color

Holster Leather Plain / Basketweave


The MODEL OTP-RL23S is a leather or suede lined "Driving Holster" with a snap stud closure. The gun will sit conveniently at a tilted angle optimum for direct drawing while in a Driving or Riding Position.  

The Model 23S Driving Holster comes standard with Suede or Leather Lining and the holster has a finish stitch of 6 per inch which is stitched with Linen thread.

The Tension Screw allows for an adjustable Draw setting and Flap is wrapped around the belt which allows for easy removal of the holstered weapon. The Belt Slot Design holds the gun firmly against the wearer reducing "wobble". These MODEL OTP-RL23S Driving Holsters are available in Left Hand Draw and Right Hand Draw.

Made to Carry:
Glock 17

Draw Hand:
Right hand Draw


Leather Texture:
Plain Leather  


• Pressure molded under 20 Tons and then Hand Boned.
• The stitch is 6 per inch and stitched with Linen thread.
• Tension Screw allows for an optimum Draw adjustable setting.
• The Belt Slot Design holds the gun firmly against the wearer reducing "wobble".
• Suede Lining for a smooth draw and protection for your firearm.
• Right Hand Draw
  • Model: RL23S-OV2
  • Manufactured by: Ross Gun Leather

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