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1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Silverado Fast Draw Gun Belt and Holster

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Holster 1 Draw Hand

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Actual Hip Measurement

Cartridge / Gun Belt Style

Ammunition Loops Caliber


In researching the synopsis of the 1985 SILVERADO Movie I have not been able to find any information or reference to the Character of Paden in the Silverado Movie being drawn from the True to Life Paden Tolbert of the Old West Oklahoma Territory. Although after watching the Movie and having studied the real life Paden Tolbert played by Kevin Kline it would be easy to see how the two characters would parallel each other in many ways. The movie was centered on Turley, Oklahoma (no longer exists) in 1880 and at that time in history the real Paden Tolbert would have been between 10 and 17 years of age as his actual date of birth is best guessed as between 1863 and 1870.

This all leads to our Old Trading Post version of the 1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Tolbert Fast Draw Cartridge Gun Belt and Holster(s) Set. The Old Trading Post version of the 1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Tolbert Fast Draw Cartridge Gun Belt and Holster(s) Set is one of our more popular Fast Draw Sets patterned after the 1940 through 1980 Arvo Ojala, Andy Anderson or Alfonso Pineda Fast Draw Hollywood Gun Belt and Holster Sets. In fact our Leathersmith learned gun leather making at the Arvo Ojala Hollywood Fast Draw Shop and through the 1970s he worked directly with all 3 of the men mentioned above. Just like the Fast Draw Hollywood Sets of 1940s through the 1980s the holsters are reinforced to hold their rigidity with the constant Drawing and Holstering of a Revolver.

Product Highlights:

Holster is made to carry:
(SAA) Single Action Army 4 5/8"

Holster Type:
Side Draw

Holster Draw Hand:
Right Hand Draw

Leather Color:

Leather Texture:
Plain Leather Finish

Cartridge Gun Belt Style:
High Ride Ranger Belt (NO DROP LOOP)

Cartridge Gun Belt Lining:
Leather Lined

Belt Measurements:
44" to Center Hole on the Billet Strap
42" to the smallest Hole setting on the Billet Strap
46" to the largest Hole setting on the Billet Strap

Ammunition Loops Caliber:
.44 / .45 Caliber

We make our Gun Belts and Holsters from Heavyweight Premium Grade U. S. A. Leather as most Old West Gun Leather was made from during the late 19th Century. Available for Single Action and Double Action revolver models in just about any caliber we offer this fine 1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Tolbert Fast Draw gun leather set in black, brown, saddle tan, and chestnut ( reddish brown ) leather colors.

The Ranger Style 1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Tolbert Gun Belt is 2 3/4 inches wide with a 1 1/2 inch billet strap which is secured with a 1 1/2 inch Brass Clipped Corner Belt Buckle. Our 1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Tolbert Fast Draw Gun Belt is fully leather lined and is offered in your choice of style either a high rise ranger style gun belt or a drop loop gun belt where the holster hangs lower and worn like the gunslingers would have worn in Hollywood movies.

We offer these Ranger Style 1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Tolbert Fast Draw Gun Belts with 3 ammunition loops at the base of the billet strap and 25 Ammunition Loops at center back for large caliber ammunition, we also offer you choices of No Loops, .22 Caliber, .32 Caliber, .357 / .38 Caliber, .41 Caliber, .44 / .45 Caliber and .50 Caliber loop quantity is determined by caliber size of loops (other loop sizes available upon request). The Gun Belt also comes with a Western Fancy Stitch Design on the Gun Belt in the open area between the ammunition loops at the place a holster would sit or with a drop loop belt just above the holster.

The Single Loop Holster included in this 1985 Arvo Ojala Design Paden Tolbert Fast Draw Cartridge Gun Belt and Holster(s) Set is a Hollywood Fast Draw Holster which is a reinforced Holster made to hold their rigidity with constant Drawing and Re-holstering of a Revolver. The Single Loop Hollywood Fast Draw Holster is leather lined and is also decorated with some handsome woven leather on the center face of the holster sheath leather single loop. The holster comes with a hammer thong to safely secure your revolver when holstered also a holster leg tie to secure the holster to your leg to keep it from moving around when you are on the move.

ABOUT: Paden Tolbert 1863 or 1870 – April 24, 1904 Paden Tolbert was an American law enforcement officer and railroad agent he took his first position as Deputy Sheriff of Johnson County, Arkansas on October 7, 1885 appointed by Sheriff W. S. Jett. Later Paden Tolbert became one of the leading deputy U.S. Marshals in the Indian Territory during the late 1880s and 1890s and often worked with other well-known lawmen of his time including Bud Ledbetter, Heck Thomas and Bill Tilghman. Paden Tolbert and his brother John Tolbert were both deputy marshals under The Hanging Judge Isaac Parker of the U.S . District Court of Fort Smith and Muskogee.

One of many young deputies first used by Judge Parker in the U.S. District Courts in Ft. Smith and Muskogee, Tolbert was part of a legendary generation of U.S. Marshals that also included J.H. Mershon A.J. Trail, Heck Bruner, Sam Six Killer, Wes Bowman and BASS REEVES. A reputation for courage and devotion to service, Marshal Leo E. Bennett stated that he considered Tolbert to be one of the bravest men that he ever had on the force. Tolbert and G.S. White led the posse that was sent from Ft. Smith to apprehend Ned Christie in the third and final attempt to force him from his mountain fortress.

The siege lasted two days and involved dynamite and a cannon to destroy the hideout; this was the only time a cannon was used on civilians by U.S. law enforcement officers. Tolbert and Ledbetter are also credited with foiling the infamous 1894 train robbery at Blackstone Switch which led to the capture of Nathaniel Texas Jack Reed and his gang as well as the capture of the Jennings Gang in 1897. The town of Paden, Oklahoma is named in honor of Paden Tolbert, and his family were the first to introduce Alberta peaches to Clarksville, Arkansas for which the city remains famous.
  • Model: WM1985AOPS-OV
  • Manufactured by: WM Custom Saddlery

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