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1878 J S Collins Design Ranger Gun Belt with Double Loop Holster

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Holster 1 Draw Hand

Holster 1 Cross Draw / Side Draw

Holster 1 Lining


Gun Belt and Holster 1 Leather Texture

Cartridge / Gun Belt Lining

Actual Hip Measurement

Ammunition Loops Caliber

Starting at: $244.95

This handsome frontiersman style outfit is patterned after a J. S. Collins and Company Saddlery Gun Belt and Holster set we saw at auction which housed an original Colt M1877 Thunderer Revolver .41 Caliber the firearm of choice of none other than Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett at the time the Kid was supposedly killed.

At the conclusion of the auction we were able to get pretty detailed pictures of the original J. S. Collins Design Ranger Gun Belt, Double Loop Holster and Double Loop Knife Sheath Set and the result of that replication is what is offered and pictured.

Product Highlights:


Holster is made to carry:
(SAA) Single Action Army 7 1/2"

Holster Type:
Full Skirt Double Loop Side Draw

Holster Draw Hand:
Right Hand Draw

Leather Color:

Leather Texture:
Double Border Tooled + $100

Cartridge Gun Belt Style:
High Ride Ranger Belt (NO DROP LOOP)

Cartridge Gun Belt & Holster Lining:
Leather Lined + $65

Belt Measurements:
48" to Center Hole on the Billet Strap (Plus Size Add $35)
45" to the smallest Hole setting on the Billet Strap
51" to the largest Hole setting on the Billet Strap

Ammunition Loops Caliber:
.44 / .45 Caliber (18 Loops Center Back)

The Collins Brothers John S. Collins and Gilbert H. Collins were in the Saddlery Business between 1864 and 1910 in various locations throughout the west, they were preferred Saddle Makers for Buffalo Bill Cody as well as other notable frontiersmen. Our version of this Frontiersmen Ranger Gun Belt with Double Loop Holster and Double Loop Knife Sheath is made from Premium Grade Heavyweight Skirting Leather the finest for making Gun Leather of any kind. The Leather Ranger Cartridge / Gun Belt is 3 inches wide and comes with a 1 1/2 inch billet strap which is secured by the 1 1/2 inch nickel clip point buckle.

The Ranger Style Gun Belt also comes with 24 Large Caliber ammunition loops at the center back .44 / .45 Caliber. The Double Loop Side Holster offers a Full Skirt Design although the skirt is a CONTOURED SKIRT without the excessive leather on some full skirt holsters.

The Double Loop Holster for this set is our Side Draw version holster for a SAA with a 7 1/2" Barrel length for a Right Hand Draw. This Full Skirt Double Loop Holster has an open toe and is lined and can be made to carry any Single Action Army Revolver with a 7 1/2" Barrel.
  • Manufactured by: CL Custom Saddlery

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