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4th of July 2021

Western Mares Leg Holster with Conchs and Spots

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The Old Trading Post Mares Leg western leather gun holster with Border Tooling, Conchs and Spots. Our Western Mares Leg Holster is available in straight side draw or cross draw and also you have three leather colors to choose. This Western Mares Leg Holster with Border Tooling, Conchs and Spots is fully leather lined and made from 5-6 oz. leather. We use only high quality nylon thread for look and durability in the stitching of all our leather products.

ABOUT: Wanted Dead or Alive (1958-1961) 94 Episodes Starring Steve McQueen as Bounty Hunter Josh Randall Josh Randall (McQueen) is a Confederate veteran and bounty hunter with a soft heart. He often donates his earnings to the needy and helps his prisoners if they have been wrongly accused. Josh Randall carries a shortened Winchester Model 1892 carbine called the Mare's Leg in a holster patterned after gunslinger rigs popular in movies and television. Randall can draw and fire his weapon with blazing speed.

Three Mare's Legs were used in the series, differing in the shape of the lever and the barrel. The Mares Leg rifle is a cut-down, modified version of the repeating rifle made popular by Steve McQueen (Josh Randall) in Wanted: Dead or Alive a 1950s Western Television Series. The original Mare's leg was created by cutting down a 44-40 caliber Winchester Model 1892 to a modified size that could be used with one hand and worn in a large leg holster. The barrel was between 9 to 12 inches and a large portion of the butt stock was removed.

It can be holstered like a pistol or put in a modified rifle scabbard and has the speed of a lever-action rifle. Although Randall is a bounty hunter, he does not chase and capture only men on wanted posters. He also settles a family feud, frees unjustly jailed or sentenced men, helps an amnesia victim recover his memory, and finds missing husbands, sons, fathers, a fiance a cute suitor, a daughter who had been captured many years earlier by Indians, an Army deserter, a pet sheep, and even Santa Claus. This variety, as well as his pursuit of justice and not just money, contributed to the series attraction and popularity.

Except for a few episodes at the beginning of the series, Randall rode a horse named Ringo. Several episodes in 1960 included a sidekick named Jason Nichols (Wright King), a deputy sheriff turned bounty hunter. He and Randall worked well together on-screen, sharing a chemistry audiences enjoyed. By the start of the third season, Nichols had been dropped.

The episode called The Partners where Nichols killed three men that Randall felt could have been taken alive, is often considered the episode that broke up the partnership, although that was actually only the second episode with Wright King and long before the last episode he appeared in. The black-and-white program was a spin-off of a March 1958 episode of Trackdown, a 1957 - 1959 western series starring Robert Culp.
  • Model: CLH1966B
  • Manufactured by: CL Custom Saddlery

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