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4th of July 2021

Gun-Slinger Mares Leg Holster

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The item offered here is a Premium Hide Leather Mares Leg / Laig Lever Action Pistol Side Holster just one awesome holster for all of your Lever Action Pistols. This GunSlinger Side Holster is made from Premium Hide Leather and comes with a completely suede leather lined holster sheath which adds a snug fit for your Lever Action Pistol as well as protection to the pistol finish. These Mares Leg / Laig Holsters are made to fit all of the Ranch Hand and Mares Leg / Laig Lever Action Pistols available including the Henry, Puma, Rossi, JV Custom etc. in any caliber available.

As seen in the pictures the lever action pistol rests in the holster prior to the sights hitting the holster sheath throat and the holster is slotted at the top of the holster sheath fold. This fine leather Gun Slinger mares leg / laig lever action pistol side holster comes with both a Hammer Thong and a Leg Tie Down also the holster sheath has a sewn in toe plug. These Gun Slinger Mares Leg / Laig Lever Action Pistol Holsters also come with a 2 1/2" wide belt loop which has two quick release snaps so the holster could be worn on a slotted drop loop belt or a regular high ride belt on either you can remove the holster without taking off the belt. Available in Colors: Cordovan Matte Black Saddle Tan Leather Textures: Plain Floral Tooled

  • Model: GSMLH
  • Manufactured by: Texas Gunslinger

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