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1895 CE Cogshall Design Knife Sheath

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Here is a knife sheath I purchased as a part of a C. E. Cogshall Gun Belt with Side Holster and Knife Sheath Set.

I fell in love with this knife sheath because it is made more like a holster then it is as a knife sheath and we have been making them ever since.

This knife sheath is made from medium / heavy weight leather and comes with a stack filled & burnished welt edge like a quality holster.

Your knife is secured by your choice of leather thong (as pictured), Snap Down Handle Strap or a Snap Down Hand Guard Strap. We make these Cogshall Design Knife Sheaths in 2 Leather Colors Black or Brown and 4 Leather Textures Plain Leather, Basket Stamped, Border Stamped or Hand Carved Western Floral Design.

Most of our Leather products are custom made to order, and they require sufficient time to produce a quality product for everyone. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of your custom leather work, we guarantee the Beauty & Quality is well worth the wait.
  • Model: OTP-COG

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