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Handmade Mens Deer Hide / Buckskin Complete Ensembles

Long Leather Coats In the late 1700s, French and Indian trappers intermarried with Native women from local tribes. Their descendants formed a distinctive society called the Metis, with their own language, art and clothing styles. Metis leather coats were similar to that of the Euro-North Americans, tailored to fit closely to the body, but manufactured from the skins of game animals. Leather, unlike European cloth was durable, water resistant and suited to life on the prairie. Our leather coats show the influence of two different worlds, combining the cut and fit of mens European designs with the artistic qualities of the Native people, who often decorated their pieces with painted or beaded floral or geometric patterns. They are made of the finest deerskin for durability, comfort and beauty and are a wonderful example of the artistic interaction of two different cultures. Buckskin Shirts Scouts were vital to the military during the Indian Wars period, finding safe routes of passage in dangerous times. Our deerskin Shane shirt is influenced by the attire of these brave men of the American West. Bib front buckskin shirts were often worn by General George Armstrong Custer and our Hondo shirt is an adaptation of this popular garment. The Range Rider Shirt was created at the request of none other than Bob Boze Bell, the world-renowned Western artist and CEO of True West Magazine. Buckskin Pants Buckskin Pants or leggins (also known as leggings) provided comfortable, durable protection for your legs when riding through tough brush or working in the harsh elements of the Rocky Mountains. For this reason, once their cloth pants wore out, mountain men often took to wearing pants made of buckskin, or perhaps Indian-style leggins if they spent a lot of time with a local tribe of Native Americans. For the ultimate in durability and comfort, we use a beautifully strong, soft deerskin when making our buckskin pants.

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