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Shark Skin Crosshair Gun / Pistol Holster Chocolate Brown

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   The Crosshair Pistol holster, belt and clip pouch are constructed of top quality Chocolate Brown Shark Skin Hide with a re-enforcing thick leather backing and lining to add rigidity and durability.  These Beautiful Chocolate Brown Shark Skin Crosshair Holsters are Hand Molded or Hand Boned to the shape of your Semi Automatic Pistol to bring out both the form of the Gun and the Beauty of the Hide. These Chocolate Brown Shark Skin Crosshair Holsters are made with a tension screw which is positioned at the top of the holster along the trigger guard area of your Semi Automatic Pistol, this allows for adjustment of Draw Resistance and/or Firearm Retention .   These Beautiful Chocolate Brown Shark Skin Crosshair Holsters are available in a Side Draw Version or a Cross Draw Version with the Flat Back construction providing all day comfort. PRODUCT FEATURES Crosshair Holster Each Exotic Crosshair holster is leather lined and covered on both the front and the back with your choice of skins. The holster features a tension screw and hand molding to bring out both the form of the gun and the beauty of the hide. • Fits 1 1/4" Belt • Flat-Back construction for all day comfort. • Tension Screw • Leather Lined • Cross Draw or Side Draw Option NOTE Since these holsters are custom made at time of order, please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OPTION BOXES REQUIRE A SELECTION BEFORE THE ITEM CAN BE ADDED TO THE SHOPPING CART.


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