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Bandannas, Silk Scarf Wild Rags

A wild rag or Bandanna is a Cowboy or Western scarf worn around the neck. In many regions wild rags are a standard part of cowboy dress whether it be for work or social occasions. They come in a wide variety of COLORS, sizes, and fabrics, with silk, cotton and polyester blends being some of the most popular fabric choices. Wild Rag is a term used by the old cowboys for their bandanas or western scarves. They are a natural insulator that is warm, breathable, and wicks away moisture. They have become known as part of the working cowboy's dress. Today they are an old west tradition in a modern cowboy world. There is a purpose to wearing a bandanna around your neck besides looking awesome? A bandana can absorb perspiration and can shield the back of your neck from sunburn also you can wear them as a mask to shield your mouth and nose in a wind storm or from dust driving cattle. Face Masks are looped around the ear and are used as both a face and nose covering in different environments. They serve as a filter minimizing exposure to inhaling various types of debris, sand, dust as well as many other airborne inhalants.
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